Martam Village Resort

Martam Village Resort was a pioneer in heritage tourism in Sikkim. The story of Martam Village Resort is the story of the Topdens, known to most as the Martam family. The Topdens are rooted in the history of Sikkim and lived lives of public service as village headmen and later Executive Councilors to the kings of Sikkim.

The estate has been with the family for generations and the ancestral home was built in the early 1900's by Kunzang Gensapa, the eponymous grandfather of the founder, Kunzang Topden.

Having grown up at a time when the kingdom of Sikkim became a state of India, the youngest of the Topden brothers, Kunzang Topden dreamed of preserving and promoting Sikkimese heritage and culture in a rapidly changing world while ensuring opportunities to the residents in the surrounding village to continue their way of life. In Martam Village Resort, he found his passion project.

The legacy of public service, albeit through cultural preservation and promotion of social enterprise, is carried on by his daughter Shenphen Topden, a graduate in hotel and event management, who returned to her roots after a decade of experience in the United States.


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Martam Village Resort
P.O. Gangkha, Martam
Via Singtam East Sikkim-737134


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