Each of our 13 charming cottages built in traditional village style made of stone, wood and bamboo feature warm polished wooden floors and rich traditionally hand-woven rugs. Every cottage is graced with a large picture window framing the spectacular countryside. The cottages have queen and twin sleep options and each room has an attached bathroom with running cold.

Great care has been taken to blend the resort into the village and maintain the ethnic style and culture of the area. To remain true to its roots, yet provide for a comfortable stay with all the modern amenities.


At Martam Village Resort, we care deeply about where our food comes from. We are committed to farm & forest-to- table principles. We take the time to source out top quality, local ingredients and create an experience that welcomes people to come back.

Our kitchen specializes in traditional Sikkimese cuisine made from locally farmed, seasonal organic produce as well as foraged offerings of the near-by forests. Expand your palate with nettle broth, fiddlehead ferns, tender bamboo shoots, wild mushrooms and other seasonal offerings gathered fresh from the forests. Enjoy freshly made butter and cheese and locally grown rice from the surrounding paddy fields.

No Sikkimese culinary experience is complete without trying the local alchoholic drink 'change'-a fermented millet beer served in the traditional bamboo.


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Martam Village Resort
P.O. Gangkha, Martam
Via Singtam East Sikkim-737134


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